Where can i get some free marketing plans for a juice bar?

If you have to ask http://www.dropinmag.com/uncategorized/create-the-perfect-blog-with-these-great-tips/ this question, you have no business making your own marketing plan. I apologize if this sounds harsh, but there’s a good reason why the majority of food services fail. Most owners go into business thinking good products and service will make them successful when it’s just not true. Effective management systems and marketing make a business successful, not products and service. Products and service must meet the expectations of a customer once they get in the door, but they will not be http://gapura.info/uncategorized/increase-your-online-presence-with-these-blogging-tips/ the reason for a customer’s buying decision. People buy to fulfill emotions. Successful marketing campaigns are based on promising customers a certain feeling when they come into a business, then http://www.mangomaxx.com/?p=31 developing a unique selling point that helps deliver that feeling to the customer. This unique selling point and the feeling is then incorporated into every aspect of the businesses marketing. In a food service, that could include the food selection, menu design, store interior/exterior design, signage, advertising, letterhead and any other item that represents the business. Successful businesses do not sell products, they sell feelings.

Some examples:

McDonalds does not sell hamburgers. McDonalds sells convenience to adults and fun to children.

Hard Rock Cafe does not sell food. They sell nostalgia.

Hooters does not sell wings. They sell sex.

Burger King does not sell burgers. They sell accomodation (Have it your way).

Tavern on the Green does not sell gourmet food. They sell stature.

Subway does not sell sandwiches. They sell health.

The SBA is a good resource, but even with the best “samples” in the world, an inexperienced marketer cannot develop a solid marketing plan. Even most marketing companies don’t have a clue about solid marketing plans. They specialize in negotiating good prices on advertising, then reselling the advertising to clients for a profit.

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